North Lands Creative Glass is in Lybster, a village on the east coast of Caithness, the most northerly county in the Highlands of Scotland.

Caithness is a county of wide, vaulted skies, rolling moorland and dramatic seascapes. It has historical monuments to visit and warm and welcoming people.

The weather in Caithness in September can often give an ‘Indian summer’ of clear, sunny weather, but the county displays the green of regular rainfall and the wind can blow cold. Caithness has a beauty which has inspired, among others, Diana Hobson, Tessa Clegg and photographer Craig Mackay. You will find an unpopulated, unspoiled ancient landscape, varied bird and animal life, uncommon and rare plants, and a rich cultural heritage.

Accommodation and Local Facilities
Participants in North Lands’ programmes stay in the village of Lybster. We house people in either our own accommodation; The School House and The Lodge, or in local B&Bs.

Lybster has a convenience store and a post office, two pubs and a harbour-side café which is open over the summer. Cashpoint facilities are available in the shop and post office.

The nearest town is Wick which is approximately 13 miles or 20 kilometres from Lybster. Bus services are regular but somewhat infrequent. Petrol is not available in Lybster; the nearest petrol station is in Wick.

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