Norman ‘Norm’ Ebenstein: A Short Biography

About Norm Ebenstein

Norm Ebenstein was the CEO and President of Commercial Capital Properties. He spent his life developing his business, cultivating his relationships with his family, and working to make his community a better place.

Norm’s Childhood and Education

Norman Ebenstein came into the world on October 23rd, 1928. He was the child of Samuel and Jeannette Ebenstein, who doted on their smiling baby boy. Norman was born in the bustling hub of New York City, but his family soon relocated to Worcester, Massachusetts. At the time, Worcester was a small town and one of the centers of New England culture. It was in Worcester that Norman learned to take pride in his Jewish heritage. He carried that pride with him all his life and passed it down to his children.

Though he came of age in an era when anti-Semitism was still rampant, Norm Ebenstein understood the value of a good education. He excelled as a student at Phillip Exeter and went on to study economics at Brown University. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he chose to continue his studies and attended Boston University Law School. He loved practicing as a lawyer. He felt it allowed him to use his creativity and love of hard work on behalf of his clients.

Norman Ebenstein, Family Man

Norm Ebenstein understood that there is much more to life than simply building a successful business. While still a young man at Brown University, he met his future wife, the beautiful Shirley Gorlick. From the moment he met her, Norman somehow knew that he was destined to marry Shirley.

As it turns out, Norman’s instincts about Shirley were right. The couple went on to enjoy an unusually long 65-year marriage. Throughout their time together, they saw each other as partners in life. They were deeply proud of their children and grandchildren. Though Norman may be remembered by the world at large as his family remembers a man full of laughter, gentleness, and wisdom.

Norman’s Giving Back

Norman also complimented his work as a businessman with a strong commitment to philanthropy. He believed that it is the responsibility of every successful entrepreneur to help raise the quality of life for the community around them. He became the founder and leader of the Norman Ebenstein Foundation. This allowed him to be careful and focused on his philanthropic efforts.

Norman also became involved in other local nonprofits. He was particularly involved in the Jewish community and became the president of his local chapter of B’nai B’rith. B’nai B’rith is a service organization with a history dating back more than a century. Norman was deeply proud of his work with the organization.

Enterprise and Innovation: His Contributions

Norm Ebenstein managed to accomplish all of this while working as a leading innovator and entrepreneur. He was the founder, CEO, and President of Capital Commercial Properties. He worked to help build up a real estate portfolio that included successful properties all along the East Coast. He was particularly happy about the success of Eden Center. Eden Center was and remains a gathering point for Virginia’s Vietnamese community.

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