CNC Machines – What Are They?

CNC machines are actually computer-controlled machine tools. The machine tools were operated by machinists manually before CNC. Through CNC, the computer controls the servos that run the machine. They’re like machining robots. These were known as NC before and later became CNC, which enabled tremendous increases in productivity for the machine tools for the reason that the machines might be run automatically without needing attention constantly from their operators.

Before the advancement of technology, there’s lesser automation opportunity in a form of a hydraulic tracer system. These systems basically use hydraulics to cause cutting tools of lathes or mills to follow templates. The available taper attachments for numerous manual lathes aren’t like hydraulic tracer capabilities. The tracer can elaborate templates than the simple tapers. Yet, with the advent of NC, CNC increased radically the amount of automation that’s possible.

CNC machining is now a dominant technique to machine materials even if manual machining is still common for prototyping, repair, and one-offs work. People who run CNC machines on the Shop Floors are known as CNC operators while such that write programs for automating production are known as CNC programmers.

CNC machines basically execute part programs that are written in a special language and it is called the G-Code. The G-Code part program might be coded directly or the CAM software might be used for converting CAD drawing of the part to G-code. CNC machines were industrial machines for the reason that they cost thousands of dollars. For example, here is a unique machine: a laser engraving machine.<<< Click the link ( see pic below )

How CNC Machines Make Parts?

This process is a bit straightforward and involves the following:

Design the Idealize Part – CAD software is used for creating 2D and 3D model of the parts you like to make. The CAD means Computer Aided Drafting, so CAD software is a drawing software that allows you to specify the part’s dimensions.

CNC Programming – You can use CAM software for converting CAD model to G-code, which is the language for programming CNC machines.

Setting Up Machines – The machines are set with workholding, tooling properly, and G-code program as well as tool data is actually loaded to ready the machine to make the parts. Operators would tell the machine where the part zero is.

Machining Parts – With all things set up, it is time for machining the part.

3D Printing or CNC – Which is Better?

Well, the truth is that it actually depends on some factors. These include the economic factors, part’s complexity, and materials. 3D printing technologies can create parts easily. They can even make complex shapes or internal components that are somewhat easy than CNC machines. On the other hand, the conventional CNC machines are limited by the available tools and rotation of axes that the machine is capable with. If you require a prototype of living hinges, you’d want to consider CNC along with polypropylene. If you are confused between the two options, your best choice is to compare the differences and weigh the pros and cons. Through this, you’ll be able to make a wise choice.

Small Scale Manufacturing

Valve Tags

The use of valve tags is a crucial way to improve efficiency and safety in numerous facilities, even if it is frequently overlooked. A lot of people in the facilities do not think of the valve tags since valves and pipes are one of the things that run in the background without so much thought. But, if somebody opens the wrong valve, it could cause a dangerous event. These are also referred to as stainless steel nameplates.
Whether you’re planning to use valve tags or you want to enhance the way your facility uses such tags, it’s essential to take some time to learn about the best practices. Once done properly, utilizing valve tags could reduce the risk of injuries, accidents, and spills related to the valves and pipes in your facility. You may choose PBS Engraving for your needs on valve plates

What Should You Know about Valve Tags?
Valve tags are any kind of tag that could be attached to valves. These may be made of wood, metal, plastic or just paper depending on the facility’s specific needs. Valve tags may range in size from small circles that have a couple numbers or words on it to a bigger square tag that may contain some information. Selecting the most appropriate valve tags for the correct situations is important. In many cases, selecting which valve tag to use will be up to the facility completely, yet there are several standards and some regulatory agencies that you have to follow in particular situations.
When looking for valve tags to use in which case you’ll like to know what all options are. There are various kinds of materials that may be used for the valve tags as well as why you like to select them. Of course, every facility would want to use different types, yet it would depend on what it’ll be required for.

Valve Markings
Now that you know the different kinds of tags you could use, it’s crucial to look at what kinds of messages you could convey with tags and when you must use them. Implementing great valve marking strategy needs proper planning and understanding of the messages you like to convey. Different situations could benefit from the valve markings in facilities. Whether you implement all of them or only some of them, you’ll find that it’s a simple way to enhance safety as well as efficiently in terms of using valves and pipes in your facility.
Every plumbing valve must be tagged so that the team for maintenance can determine where the problems are and fix them as fast as possible. It’s an essential one due to every valve and pipe in the facility, traditional plumbing would have the most problems. Plumbing waste pipes could get clogged easily and have more issues than normal steam pipes.
If you need help with your valve tags, PBS Engraving can be of great help. It has been in the industry for several years providing various services including valve tags, custom labels, and so much. So, if you want to get the best value of what you’ve spent, let PBS Engraving do the job for you.