Precious Metals Fundraising

TOPSHOT – Gold bullion bars are pictured after being inspected and polished at the ABC Refinery in Sydney on August 5, 2020. – Gold prices hit 2,000 USD an ounce on markets for the first time on August 4, the latest surge in a commodity seen as a refuge amid economic uncertainty. (Photo by DAVID GRAY / AFP) (Photo by DAVID GRAY/AFP via Getty Images)

Hosting gold and silver fundraising parties offer you the innovative opportunity to make some money for a cause or event while your guests will have the chance to earn instant cash. How? Fundraising with precious metals for the event you love through a silver or gold party would have been unheard of a few years ago. Today a gold and silver party provides you the chance of raising the money you need for your non-profit event.

However, the good thing about this new trend of fundraising is that hosting a silver or gold party is a no-cost event for you as the host. Gold and silver parties have never been boring occasions unlike the product fundraising events because it is mutually beneficial to you and your guests in terms of earning some money when they sell silver and gold items that are unwanted, broken, or out of style.

Why fundraising comes easier with hosting gold and silver parties: Precious metals like gold and silver are among the commodities people find easy to trade for instant cash these days. These precious metals have consistently maintained their unwavering high prices despite the persistent economic challenges facing the US and the world at large. The sustained high price levels gold and silver have attained have opened many business opportunities and some people deal in gold and silver as refiners and would gladly offer higher payouts for scrap gold and other broken silver and gold pieces of jewelry that your guests should be glad to receive when they sell silver and gold pieces of jewelry that are out of date and get their instant cash in exchange.

Besides, these gold and silver buyers who offer higher payouts do not go to the extreme in search of people to sell silver or their old and broken gold pieces of jewelry. So, your guests should see your invitation to attend a ”sell your gold fundraising party” as very beneficial and one that allows them to earn good payouts without exerting their efforts as such in making searches.

What you should have in mind when planning to host a gold or silver party for fundraising: Here are some important things you need to consider to make a success of your fundraising silver and gold event.

The dollar amount of your commission depends on the number of people in attendance at your party and the total value of precious metals sold. The more the number of people that have substantial items of silver or gold to sell the higher the dollar value of your instant 10% commission.

Get one of the online gold and silver dealers to attend and appraise gold and silver pieces of jewelry at your fundraising party because they will surely offer higher payouts for the items of precious metals your guests bring to sell.