Borgie Forest Way-Marker Project

Post by Michael Bullen, Studio Technical Manager.

We have been recently been working in partnership with Borgie Forest Cabin Project. Continuing with this collaboration, two days of activities were held with the communities of Skerray, Betty Hill and Tongue developing ideas to create a series of way-markers to line the river side trail in the forest.

Borgie Forest is one of the most northerly forests in the UK, one of the first Forestry Commission plantations in Scotland. It was planted in the 1920’s.

The weekend began in true Highlands fashion with bright blue skies, rainbows and torrential rain, however these inclement conditions did not dampen the spirits of the intrepid would be artists.

At the cabin

They began by working outside in the woods, exploring the ideas of interrelationship and balance in the natural environment through building large temporary balance sculptures and forms using only the natural materials around them.


In the afternoon we moved on to using clay and mixed media and the emphasis changed from the natural order of our woodlands to the mythological denizens that inhabit and protect them.


Elven kind, wood trolls, dragons and tree herders all sprang to life under the children’s questing fingers. As did more fanciful creatures, weird little animals whose existence could account for the mysterious noises often heard in the quiet of the night forest.

A great range of source material was produced with slither slugs, sock monsters, snooks and snarks all making an appearance. These creatures will be taken back to the studio and over the coming weeks be developed into cast glass monolith way-markers.

Check back for more posts showing the process at the studio.

It is hoped that the finished pieces will be installed in the forest sometime over the Christmas holiday period.