Master Class Time

Post by Lorna O’Brien, Innovation & Business Development Director

It’s Master Class time again and the first programme organised by our current Artistic Director Emma Woffenden. Our first two Classes this year are The Unique Genius Loci of the Space with Petr Stanicky and The Lie of the Land with Helen Maurer. Both Classes have made the most of the warm weather we’re having to explore our amazing local landscape and to discover hidden treasures, natural beauty, archaeology and man-made interventions.

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Petr and Helen have thrown themselves into the experience with great enthusiasm. We’re very happy to have James Maskrey back at North Lands as gaffer for Petr’s Class. He and his able assistant Emma Baker have been hard at work in the Hot Shop with the artists and supporting the Classes by helping participants to realise ideas in hot glass. Assisting on Helen’s Class are local photographer Angus Mackay and photographer Ross MacLean.

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The North Lands experience is unique and shaped by our location. This year’s programme is about The Place and The Work, bringing together the inspiration felt by artists in this environment with exploration of glass as a material and medium and the use of glass in varied contexts. Participants have had a chance to deeply engage with this place and to push their thinking and their practice, working through their own directions as well as collaborative activity. Our Master Classes are immersive and intensive, artists living and working together in a remote place removed from their familiar surroundings. The experience is challenging and rewarding, there is much hard work but always time to enjoy the company, to laugh and to meet the locals. For all of us who work at North Lands, this is one of the busiest times of our calendar when all the parts of the machine need to work smoothly to make sure people leave with a smile on their faces and plans to return.

These two Classes finish today, our Conference runs over the weekend and the next two Classes start on 9 September; Influences, Layers and Columns with Kristiina Uslar and Are You Experienced? with Richard William Wheater.

Photos in this post are by Angus Mackay, Emma Woffenden and Patty Niemann.

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