Where Is Composite Manufacturing Process Used?

  • Used in the manufacture of boats and aircraft to add to their sleekness and beauty; plus give the light-weight effect.
  • The alternate energy industry relies mostly on the Composite Manufacturing process. The means of alternative energy such as wind energy, solar energy or marine energy draw their powers from the natural resources using the types of equipment that are strong and durable. Composite materials are the most used raw materials here in the alternate energy sector.
  • Responsible for innovations in furniture and home decors which are an aid to the beauty of both individual as well as business sectors.
  • Composite roofing is also popular these days due to the durability and strength they possess and the broad-scale application of composite manufacturing in renewable alternative energy methods.

Composite Manufacturing of Canadian Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a common type of composite material that is mainly manufactured by the process of open moulding. The plastic matrix used in this process may be a thermoset polymer or a thermoplastic. The inclusion of fiberglass in mats or cloths generally adds to the durability of that thing and enhances the looks as well. Two factors that can erode the quality of fiberglass are osmosis and UV degradation. Apart from these two, there are no certain limiting factors.

Looking from the health point of view, fiberglass causes skin irritation such as redness and itchiness as well as suffocation and red eye. These irritations though are temporary but constant contact with fiberglass can cause severe health related issues related to epidemiology and ophthalmology.