North Lands Creative Glass Conference 2015

Extreme Glass: a focus on material and process.

North Lands Creative Glass Extreme Glass Conference 2015

4th – 6th September 2015

‘This year our Conference begins on Friday 4th September at 2pm with something new – an Object Seminar.  Delegates are invited in advance to give a short presentation of 3-5 minutes on an object they have made or own. Objects should be within a hand held scale with the intention that they can be handled.  After the presentation the objects will be on display over the course of the Conference weekend.’

Our Conference further expands upon our classes and puts them into context. The materiality of glass and glassmaking techniques will be examined as artists and designers look at the material afresh, investigate the basic science and the tools used, and ask how far it is possible to push the idea of “the glassmaker”.

Conference speakers include some who have found innovation through the media of materials and process, and some who think about the importance of actually making. The expanding world of glass will be considered by educators and curators and during the Conference there will be practical workshops, seminars and opportunities for attendees to introduce themselves through presentations and the showing of images.

Speakers include:
Dr Zoe Laughlin, an artist and maker working at the interface of the science, art, craft and design of materials. She is a co-founder and Creative Director of the Institute of Making and the Materials Library located there.
Jeroen Maes, Director of Glazenhuis in Belgium and Curator of the International Glass Prize
Tord Boontje, an industrial designer whose practice spans industrial and craft techniques
Jerome Harrington whose practice-based PhD at Sheffield Hallam University investigates understanding the object and its material existence by reference to the making process
There will also be talks by Master Class leaders Angela Thwaites and James Maskrey.

The Conference is open to artists, curators and those with an interest in the creative industries.

Conference events will run from 2.00 p.m on Friday 4th September.

Conference Fee: £250
Reduced Fee for Master Class participants: £200
Reduced Fee for Students: £190
10% Discount for CGS and SGS members
Early Bird Discount of 15% available until 30 May 2015

Fees include dinner on Friday and Saturday evening and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

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For accommodation details please see Friends’ Pine Lodge.

For more details call Grace on +44 (0) 1593721229 or email